Golf Evaluation and RehabiliTation

Michael Falk has earned the top level medical certification from Titleist Performance Institute. He is trained to evaluate the physical characteristics of golfers and how their body relates to their golf swing. Please note - we are not golf coaches or swing coaches, we specialize in how your physical abilities affect your golf swing. 


We can work directly with you or as a team with your swing coach and fitness professional to address your needs and help you improve your game or play without pain. 

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3 Ways We Can Help Golfers:

1. Address Pain That You Experience When You Golf

Up to 70% of golfers will play with low back pain. This is closely followed by hip pain, and shoulder or elbow pain. Unfortunately, playing with pain has become accepted as part of playing golf for most people. This does not have to happen! 

We can conduct a physical assessment of how your body relates to your golf swing. We will provide you with a comprehensive program to work on any strength or flexibility deficits that may be affecting your swing and cause you pain. 

2. Get Back to Playing Golf After An Injury

Often, golfers will bring an injury they sustained off the golf course onto the golf course and it will prevent them from playing or cause them to play in pain. For example, sustaining an ACL injury is extremely rare in golf. But if you tear your ACL playing another sport, it will definitely affect your golf game. 

We can help you manage these injuries and rehabilitate them to get you back to playing without pain or dysfunction. We can also offer suggestions on modifications to equipment or discuss ideas with your swing coach to modify your swing to play around the injury. 

3. Improve Your Play Through a Physical Assessment

Have you been wanting to hit the ball further? Been working on fixing a slice for years with no progress? In addition to working on improving your swing with your golf coach, your physical characteristics can affect these things. 


Did you know driving distance is directly correlated with vertical jump height? We can assess this along with your flexibility and strength to design a program to try to improve your golf game.