Our Mission:

Helping Athletes Return to Play and Maximize Their Performance

Our Philosophy:

We Specialize in Athletes

  • We work with a wide variety of athletes and teams- from professional to recreational and across the age spectrum

  • If you have to move to do the activity - we're all in.  Runners, cross fitters, field and court athletes, and athletes who use rotational power are all in our target zone.  If you cut, drive, shoot, swing or throw, we can help

We Put the Athlete First

  • Our goal is to partner with you, listen to you and then help you achieve your goals. 

  • Your needs and goals are at the center of your care plan 

  • We know you are doing the hard part - putting time in the gym, on the track or on the field.  We can help it count even more

We Treat the Whole Athlete

  • Our treatment philosophy is built around a thorough evaluation.   We look not only at the source of your pain, but also for the cause of your pain. 

  • Don't be surprised when we ask about your sleep, your emotions around an injury and your nutrition! We consider everything when it comes to your recovery. 

  • We provide a wide range of services, treatments and therapies with an emphasis on injury recovery, return to play and injury reduction.

  • We also have a wide network of referral sources if another professional is needed to assist in your care. 

Our Core Values:


Our success is based on your success. We will do what it takes to achieve the results you are seeking.  


We work seamlessly with other professionals involved in your care. From coaches to trainers to doctors, we do what it is in your best interest


We tell the truth and show all the facts.  We always make recommendations that are in your best interest.


We never stop learning, we always stay on top of the current research. We don't cut corners and we are not satisfied with 'good enough'