Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Undergoing orthopedic surgery is a big undertaking and a thorough rehabilitation program is a key component to a successful outcome. 

We will help you put together a thorough plan from pre-operative planning and rehabilitation all the way until you return to the field. Many clinics will stop seeing you post operatively after you can walk up stairs, or maybe jog on a treadmill. We will work with you all the way through a plyometric program, reintroduction of specific agility drills and an extensive and thorough return-to-sport assessment. 


Any extended absence from your sport due to injury is not ideal, but you can view it as an opportunity. This could be one of the few times in your career when you get to focus just on yourself. We will conduct a thorough evaluation and address all of our findings throughout the course of your rehabilitation. We factor in strength, power, range of motion and conditioning into your program. We will also help you through the return-to-play decision process and will lay out a thoughtful, evidenced-based, return-to-play program.


We treat a variety of surgical conditions in the knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle. We have a particular interest and specialty in ACL reconstructions.   

Contact us today to learn more about our post-operative rehab. program and schedule a complimentary consultation to tour our clinic and see what sets us apart. 

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