Return To Sport Assessment

One of the most important aspects of any rehabilitation process is the decision on when you are ready to return to sport. For example, following an initial ACL injury, studies show most athletes are 40% more likely to sustain a second ACL injury. A recent study showed that only 14% of athletes recovering from injury passed the basic return-to-play criteria prior to returning to the field. More concerning, many rehabilitation professionals conduct NO objective testing prior to clearing their patient to return to play. We believe this is a significant contributor to the high sports re-injury rate. 

At Kinetic Sports Medicine, we believe the return to play process is multi-disciplinary and we will work closely with your physician, sport coaches, athletic trainers, and strength coaches to ensure you are really ready to return to your sport. We also believe in objective measurements to assess your progress. We don't just watch you move and say "I think you're ready." We measure strength, power, landing mechanics, joint ranges of motion, sport specific assessments, and your psychological readiness to return to play.  

We utilize force plate technology with ForceDecks to assess how you produce force with athletic movements, and to identify potential deficits. This allows us target our interventions to specifically address the areas that need improvement. This is the same technology used in 63 professional and national team organizations including the Houston Astros, Manchester United, New York Giants, Dallas Mavericks, and Milwaukee Bucks.  

With ForceDecks, we can assess the upper or lower extremity for return-to-play readiness. This testing is included as part of your overall program if you complete your full rehabilitation with us. But, if you've done your rehab elsewhere, we are happy to test you and share the results with your physical therapist or physician. 


Below is an example of our Lower Extremity Return to Sport Assessment Process: 

  • Functional and Psychological Questionnaire

  • Isometric Muscle Strength Testing, using a hand held dynamometer 

  • Symmetry Index on Single Leg Hop, Triple Hop, Crossover Hop and Timed 6 Meter Hop Test

  • Force Plate Testing:

    • Mid-Thigh Pull

    • Squat Jump​

    • Vertical Jump

    • Single Leg Vertical Jump

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