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Post Operative Rehabilitation

Just had surgery? Post-operative recovery can be a long and confusing process. We can help lay out a plan from initial recovery post-op all the way to returning to play. 

Non-Operative Injury Management

Most common injuries or nagging aches and pains don't require surgery.  Our staff can evaluate your current condition and help lay out a rehabilitation plan to get you back to activity as soon as possible.  

Return to Sport Assessment

Whether you are recovering from a minor injury or have been away from your sport for a long time, we can help measure your progress and create an appropriate return-to-play testing procedure.  We don't guess if you're ready; we have technology that allows us to objectively measure your current status and make the best plan for you. 

Free Injury Screen

Just got hurt? Have a nagging pain that is affecting your activity or performance? Most often these minor injuries don't require medical intervention, but we are happy to take a quick look.  If we feel it is something more significant, we can refer you to an appropriate medical provider, or we can set up a more detailed evaluation to establish a plan of care.

Golf Analysis and Rehabilitation

Want to hit the ball further? Have you always played with nagging low back pain? We can help, Michael Falk has achieved the top medical certification from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).  TPI certified professionals support 27 out of the top 30 players on the PGA Tour this year. Contact us today to learn about the process and how we can help. 

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The Kinetic Difference

Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance exists to address the unique needs of the elite and recreational athlete.

Our multi-disciplinary staff has experience in Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and Strength and Conditioning.  We will listen to you and your goals, then apply our experience, clinical expertise, best current evidence, and new technologies to provide a well rounded care plan for your specific condition and needs. 

All of your care will be one-on-one with your Physical Therapist; and the same therapist will be with you through your entire course of care.  We will continue to work with you through your return to play and ensure that you reach your goals.

Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance

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